Living with Cancer was established by Belinda Wagner in 2017, after being diagnosed with rare cancer.

People who are impacted by cancer need a platform where they can share their experiences, support each other, gain courage and inspire hope.

Living with Cancer is a platform for people who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer and who are at various stages of their journey.

It is a platform where the cancer community can connect and have a place to go for emotional support and information throughout their cancer journey. Connect with other members, share experiences, ask questions about what to expect, find advice on things like diet, natural remedies, exercise and ways to cope.


“In South Africa, approximately 120 000 people are diagnosed with cancer annually. Advances in cancer research, detection, and treatment show that cancer can be beaten and should not be seen as a death sentence. However, I believe that people who are impacted by cancer must also have a place to go where they can learn about their diagnosis and have access to a safe network to share their emotions and experiences, support each other, and gain courage and inspire hope. That’s my goal with Living with Cancer.”

– Belinda Wagner from Living with Cancer